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Lake Hartwell Permitting

Posted by on September 5, 2011

For general information concerning Shoreline Use Permits, or to apply for a permit, please contact the Hartwell Project Office, toll free at 888-893-0678. See direct ext numbers for your shoreline mgr below. Members of the Hartwell staff are available to answer general questions, explain the process, or arrange an on-site meeting to discuss permitting options. Prospective buyers are encouraged to contact the Hartwell Dam and Lake Project Office prior to purchasing property adjacent to Hartwell Lake. Prior to calling, please have certain pertinent information readily available such as, the location and directions to the property in question (i.e. lot number, subdivision name, street address, etc.) and/or previously existing permit numbers or names of previous owners associated with the property in question. If an appointment with Hartwell staff is desired, please call approximately 2 weeks in advance of the time you wish to meet. Area 1 ext. 348 Area 2 ext. 327 Area 3 ext. 352 Area 4 ext. 332 Area 5 ext. 331 Area 6 ext. 305 Area 7 ext. 385

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